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Parking Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands. Together with airports Schiphol, Eelde Airport and Rotterdam Airport, they form the airport system of the Netherlands with more than 76 million passengers per year. Reaching Eindhoven Airport in your car is of course the most comfortable and convenient solution. That's why we help you find a cheap parking space in just a few clicks! View the complete overview for Eindhoven Airport Parking on

With Parkos, the process of securing the ideal parking arrangement at Eindhoven Airport becomes effortlessly streamlined. Our platform allows you to seamlessly compare all available parking options, ensuring that you find the most cost-effective solution tailored to your needs. The choices range from Shuttle parking, offering practicality and efficient transfers, to Valet parking, providing a touch of luxury and convenience with professional chauffeurs. Alternatively, for those who prefer a short stroll, walking to the airport is also an option. Moreover, if you're looking for a quick drop-off or pick-up, the Kiss & Ride service is available for swift and convenient access. Parkos offers a comprehensive range of choices to suit every traveler's preferences and requirements, ensuring a seamless parking experience at Eindhoven Airport.

Compare the best options for you

Find a cheap parking at Eindhoven Airport can easily be done via Parkos, ourconnected providers have been personally inspected. This way you are assured that your car is safely parked. The suppliers are not located at the official parking lot of the airport, but fortunately they are only a short distance away. You always enjoy the free shuttle service from all our suppliers, so flying from the airport does not have to be expensive. Simply compare all providers, once you have chosen your provider you can book directly.

Eindhoven Airport offers a selection of official parking options to cater to various traveler preferences. For ultimate convenience, P1 Gold provides a seamless walking distance of just 1 minute to the terminal. P3 Silver, with a brief 5-minute walk, offers a balance of accessibility and proximity. For those seeking a cost-effective yet reasonably close option, P4 Bronze+ entails a 6-minute stroll to the terminal. Lastly, P5 Bronze, located a 7-minute walk away, provides an efficient parking solution for passengers looking for a balance between convenience and affordability. These parking choices ensure a tailored experience, allowing travelers to select the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Safe and convenient parking space at Eindhoven Airport

When you choose Parkos for your Eindhoven Airport parking needs, you're not just saving money; you're securing a convenient and budget-friendly spot. Our carefully selected partners offer lower costs than parking directly at the airport terminals. Easily explore and book available parking spaces on our website. Pre-book through Parkos to enjoy not only a great price but also excellent service near Eindhoven Airport. The distance from the parking provider to the airport terminal is clearly outlined in their description, giving you the flexibility to choose the spot that suits your preferences.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (1)

Whether you need business parking, holiday parking, or the convenience of Park Sleep Fly with an overnight stay, the choice is yours. Select from various affordable parking lots near Eindhoven Airport, ensuring a cost-effective solution compared to official airport parking spaces. Quality is paramount, and Parkos conducts thorough inspections to guarantee reliable parking areas with essential safety measures. Our partners provide excellent service without unnecessary extravagance, making Eindhoven Airport parking both affordable and secure.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (2)

Enjoy additional options like Auto-Aufsicht for a car wash during your absence or explore covered parking garages with electric charging points. With staff available 24/7, you experience top-notch service even with low parking costs near the terminal through Parkos.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (3)

Share your parking experience by leaving reviews and feedback on our website, contributing to the impressive average rating of 9.1 given by our satisfied customers at Eindhoven Airport.

Shuttle and valet parking

When it comes to parking at Eindhoven Airport, you'll find a variety of options. Your choice is whether to navigate to your designated parking area yourself or delegate the task to a skilled driver. Shuttle Parking and Valet Service are two parking options. Each parking option is briefly described below.

Shuttle parking Eindhoven

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (4)

When you fly from Eindhoven airport you can choose to park a go with the shuttle bus, which is usually the most economical option. With this way of parking you can park your car on the external parking lot around the airport. Thefree shuttle busis waiting for you to take you to the departure hall. On your return, the shuttle bus will be ready to take you to the external car park. This way you can easily park your car at the airport. In addition, you can choose different option such asoutdoor or covered parking. This form of parking often requires you to hand over your key, as the provider has limited space and will sometimes have to move your car on the parking lot to increase the flow of customers. The shuttle bus is there to pick up and drop off travellers including your luggage.

Valet parking at Eindhoven

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (5)

Would you like some more convenience? Then you can choose valet parking. With this type of parking you can simply drive to the departure hall (terminal) and hand your car over to a driver. This makes parking at Eindhoven Airport a piece of cake, as you can continue your journey as soon as you arrive at Eindhoven Airport. The driver will park your car in the external car park. In the confirmation email you receive the location where the driver is waiting for you. This way you are within 2 minutes walking distance from the check-in desk. Valet parking in Eindhoven means comfort! (Again, you can choose between indoor or outdoor parking).

Long-term parking at Eindhoven

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (6)

With Parkos long parking at the airport is very easy. Via Parkos you can directly compare between the best providers. By comparing you will always find the best prices. All providers have been personally inspected by us for safety and facilities. Our customers rate our car parks at Eindhoven Airportvalue them, on average at 8,6. This way you can be sure that your car is safely parked. If you are travelling for a longer period of time, the costs can be high when you park your car yourself at the airport.

For short term parking you can go to the Kiss & Ride of the airport, here you can quickly drop someone off. Here are a few more handy tips about parking:

Book on time.Did you book your holiday? Don't hesitate to reserve your parking space directly. This way you can be sure that there is still space available. During the high season it may happen that the parking provider no longer has parking spaces available. Be there on time, so you won't be surprised.

Do not drive by the barriers.When you drive to Eindhoven airport, you will most likely also pass the official parking lot. Arriving at the roundabout in front of Eindhoven Airport, we advise you to take exit p5/p6 for parking.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (7)

Compare directly between different providers:Are you planning to park for a longer period of time? Then we recommend you to compare the different parking providers. The costs can be high. Up to €32.50 per day. Easily compare all prices when parking at Eindhoven Airport.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (8)

Choose your way of parking:Do you want your car to be picked up by a driver? Or would you rather be driven to the airport? There are different options available. Make sure you know the difference between shuttle parking and valet parking.

If you choose for shuttle parking you can park your car on an external parking lot. From this parking lot there is a free shuttle bus scheduled to take you to the airport. Here you will be dropped off close to the departure hall, so you can check in directly at the check-in desk. On your return, the shuttle bus will be waiting for you again.

If you choose valet parking, a driver will be waiting for you in front of the departure hall. He or she will first check your car for any damage/faults. They do this so you are assured that you will get your car back in exactly the same condition as you delivered it. After this check, the driver will park your car in an external car park. When you return, the driver will be waiting for you again with your car. This allows you to continue your journey immediately.

If you opt for the Park & Walk service at Eindhoven Airport, you'll experience a convenient and direct approach to parking. With this option, you can park your car in close proximity to the airport, eliminating the need for shuttle services. This service is ideal for those who prefer the simplicity of parking and navigating independently. On your return, you can quickly access your car and proceed with your journey without waiting for shuttle transportation.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (9)

Safety:Have you compared the different providers at Eindhoven airport? Then of course you want your car to be parked safely. Parkos personally inspects all the locations of the parking providers and checks the safety of the car park and facilities. Check the various safety measures that the provider has taken, so you can see for yourself that your car is parked safely and reliably. And you can travel with peace of mind. All the car parks of our parking providers are guarded, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Parking Eindhoven Airport at a good price, with reliable providers. When you make your reservation, you can select on the various security measures that providers have taken.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (10)

Plan your trip:Before you park at the airport for a long time, we advise you to plan your trip well and to arrive at the airport on time. It can be quite busy around the airport of Eindhoven, think of the busy junction Kerensheide. Keep a close eye on the traffic information. Safe and affordable parking at Eindhoven airport is possible via Parkos.

Parking Eindhoven Airport » 15 BEST parkings (€3.32 p/d) (2024)


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